Digging Deeper to the World of Solitaire

News 12:05 May 2024:

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Perhaps, many think that the classic solitaire is just one particular game. Well, it’s not. Solitaire is a card game with different variations. Yes, it is a single player game but you can play it using different rules depending on the kind of solitaire game you are playing. What’s good about this is you can play it whether you’re using a deck of physical cards or through clicking the keyboards of your computer.

If you’re also wondering what kind of solitaire game is in your Windows PC, then that is what we call the Klondike solitaire. If you’re enjoying the version, there’s more to that. I bet you will also enjoy the other solitaire variations. Some of the popular variations is the FreeCell which is also used by Microsoft as standard Windows PC game. Other free solitaire games that won the hearts of many are the Spider solitaire, Pyramid, and Tri Peaks.

It is important to know that every solitaire game is different from each other hence, there are no universal rules on how to play the game. Say, your winning strategy to one solitaire variation is definitely no longer a winning strategy to the other. So if you are to think of strategies, then think a strategy for every solitaire game you would like to play. You need to understand the wide reach of this game, how each game is being scored, and how you will win in each variation.

How Solitaire is Played

There are different types of solitaire such is the Spider solitaire. The rules on how to play each differ also. Some solitaire games is so easy, some will require critical thinking, some is like gambling where you will just depend on luck. Klondike solitaire for instance is a kind of solitaire game that won’t show all cards at the start. You got to have the correct technique on how to win Klondike. On FreeCell meanwhile, all cards are displayed at the onset hence, the player will have full control. However, it is not easy as you think, you need to be clever and concentrate on how to win this tricky solitaire game. The trickiest that require critical thinking is 4 Suit Spiders solitaire. It will take you an hour and a half to finish the game. Your brain cells will be challenged here as they say compared to FreeCell and Clock solitaire that is just easy with the use of your common sense.

There are also solitaire games that have a different kind of way when it comes to the cards lay out. Pyramid solitaire’s layout for example is not the usual columns, but is shaped as pyramid. The player needs to start playing the cards at the bottom part until it reached the top. La Belle Lucie meanwhile is another type of solitaire game where the layout is in a rotating scheme. The game will begin with 18 fans then at the course of the game the 18 fans will expand or shrink.

Effects of Solitaire to the Human Body

Did you know that solitaire is among the favorites of prominent personalities of our history? Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington are among the. According to shared stories, Napoleon plays solitaire when he feel stressed. When asked why, he admitted that when he is playing solitaire, his mind is being cleared of the stress and he again can think clearer. Indeed, the world of solitaire is his breather when he is tired.

This paved the way in doing more researches on how this solitaire affects the mind and the personality of a person playing the game. And these studies showed that this game is relaxing to the mind. Yes, you will use critical thinking here but it activates sensors in the brain and organize your cluttered thoughts that are no longer needed hence leaving a sort of space to relax.

Another thing is this is like a sharpener. It sharpens the minds. The more you think and aiming to win, the more you will activate your brain cells. As the brain functions continuously and critically, the more it is sharpened. And just like a pencil that is sharpened, it will now be ready to be used for another challenging task.

Fun is also one thing that solitaire provides according to studies. Though this is one-player game, it provides a spirit of fun and excitement to whoever is playing the game. The hormones assigned for fun, excitement, and happiness are being activated thus creating a relief to the player.

Despite all of these, there are also some drawbacks. People who play solitaire most of the time become introverts. They become detached to the world because they often play alone. That is why, there should always be a balance of everything. Solitaire is good but not to be enjoyed as if your world is evolving into this game. In short, this can be addictive, and one needs to be careful not to get hooked too much.


This orthodox game as they say is already widely accepted and played. One thing that contributed to its popularity could be Windows putting it in their standard PC set-up. That while working and when stress strikes, you can easily shift from work to gaming. Or maybe, when there’s not much to do and boredom strikes, you Windows PC can help you treat the boredom by playing solitaire. Fact is, there are lots of smartphone applications related to solitaire that you can download. You need not a desktop or laptop to just to play one.

Much has been said. If you’re someone who have never tried playing this game, you are missing something. If you have free time, why not go and discover solitaire. Do not be afraid of falling into gambling because it isn’t. It is a game and like not the other card games that are related to gambling. It will just be your breather for stress, your fun during boredom, or a sharpener of your thoughts. Is it addictive? Yes! Well, everything can is addictive. It actually depends on how you manage your senses.